Innovation has always been our mission

A highly qualified team is committed to the research and development of new solutions that can translate client demand into cutting edge products.
Many of our products are protected by patents that safeguard the effort and investment IDEAL puts into the research of innovative solutions. A pathway of growth that evolves within a system of certified quality.
In 2006 IDEAL obtained ISO 9001 certification for the design and production of metal components for the eyewear sector. In 2015 we obtained ISO 14001 certification for metal components design and production through processes of cold forming (hammering and molding), tumbling (roughing and polishing), welding (braze welding and spot welding), assembly, washing with solvents or cleaners, milling, turning. All of the production processes, departments and personnel in the organization are involved in the Quality and Environmental Management System, in full compliance with the certifications that have been obtained.
IDEAL has registered the quality trademark ID.FLEX Italian Quality Guaranteed for customer protection, a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to manufacturing products of the highest quality, addressing issues regarding health, reliability and safety.
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Quality does not happen by accident. It is the result of a long, careful and continuous process. IDEAL has chosen quality as the unit of measure for the 100 million pieces it produces annually. IDEAL has registered the quality trademark ID.FLEX Italian Quality Guaranteed for consumer protection, yet a further demonstration of the company’s commitment to producing components of the highest quality. IDEAL addresses issues regarding health, reliability and safety.

HEALTH _ lead free

We make products with lead-free raw materials.

RELIABILITY _ 10 years

Quality materials and checks for every production process guarantee that our products are 100% guaranteed for at least a 10 year lifespan, far more than an average pair of glasses.

SAFETY _ tensil test at 25 kg

Strict tests certify that the IDEAL components are resistant to traction of up to 25kg.